The Taber Police Service – Victim Service Unit has been in the business of supporting victims of crime or tragedy since 1993, an accomplished 30 years of service.  Our Mission statement provides the energy behind the work that is carried out daily in support of victims.

Our day-to-day work is hands-on personal contact with the victims.  We provide that anchor in the storm from a trauma-informed perspective.  That means we do understand the impact of tragic events.  We emphasize physical, psychological, and emotional safety in building a sense of control.  We believe that we are all in the storm, just in different boats.  Along with professional referrals we provide information and support.  Support comes in a myriad of ways with few limitations.  In our world today we are pleased and ready to serve all those across our diverse community.

We have adopted the principles so nicely told in the following story, we see ourselves as a type of rock. 


Please help yourself to a rock.  Your rock is unique to you. Why did you choose it? Maybe it chose you?  Your rock might be brown and grey with rough Lumps and bumps or, it might be pink or blue and shiny smooth.  I doesn’t matter because your rock is about YOU.  Nobody else will understand your rock but when you reach in your pocket and feel its familiar edges you’ll know why it’s yours.

Some days you’ll need to look at your rock up close.  So close that it might fill the space around it. Other days you might just feel for it in your pocket. That’s enough.  And then there will be days when you might forget that you have your own rock and those days might be Great days full of wonder.

Then, in the middle of it all, you might accidentally put your hand in your pocket and feel your rock and remember that it’s been there all along.

Some days you might feel for your rock one hundred times.  If you lose your rock you can find another.  There are zillions of rocks that can be yours but, choose carefully not too big, and not too small just right for your hand to wrap around it and remind you that you are part of this World and like rocks and earth and water YOU MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Everyone needs a rock.

Adapted from a story by: Byrd Baylor